India has 1.17 billion telephone subscribers; 776 million internet connections

India has 1.17 billion (117 crore ) telephone subscribers with overall tele-density of 86.22 per cent ,as per the performance indicators released by the Ministry of Communication. Simply put, over 86 per cent of Indians have telelephone connections.

Telephone subscribers in urban areas increased from 636.83 million at
the end of Jun-20 to 644.26 million at the end of Sep-20, the ministry said. The urban teledensity stands at 138.25 per cent. In cities, many have more than one phone connection.

Number of rural telephone subscribers stands at 524.39 million with teledensity of 59 per cent. So, there is a need for catch-up in villages.

Total number of internet subscribers are 776.45 million, of which the number of wired subscribers are 24.36 million and wireless subscribers are 752.09 million.

Pics courtesy: Reliance Jio, PIB

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