Rahul does not want to shepherd Congressmen around; he is right.

Time to introspect

Senior journalist  Ravi Shankar Kapoor has written in the Times of India that it is not the Gandhi family which wants to shepherd the Congressmen into servitude but reverse is more true. The Congress men and women are so much used to be shepherd around that they feel something has gone horribly wrong if even an idea of the Congress President from the non-Gandhi family is thrown at them.. Every time , there was a setback for the Grand Old Party, the script was on the predicted lines: the President -Sonia or Rahul would offer to resign and then withdraw the same after  Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting was flooded with tears.  
This time , reports suggest that Rahul Gandhi stays firm on quitting the leadership position in the Congress Party and is keen on a non-Gandhi person taking the responsibility of reviving it, against the monumental challenge posed by a phenomenon called Narendra Modi.  As seasoned politician and a Modi-baiter Yashwant Sinha has said, there is a little choice before Rahul but to quit if he does not want to lose his image. 

Pic courtesy: Sinha’s Tweet account

” If Rahul Gandhi does not stand firm on his resignation, he will lose further in public estimation. Let the party be run by a presidium or any other arrangement at least for some time, ” tweeted Sinha.
Times have certainly changed. People are no more enamored with dynasts; They want political leaders and their parties to perform for the good of the society; or else pack up. Modi may or may not have delivered what he had promised in his first term, but the massive mandate he received shows that voters trust him when he says , he wants to take India forward, free from poverty and wretched lives that millions of Indians are forced to live in a country which is full of potential. 
 The GDPs alone would not matter; its distribution is going to be the key, even if it means a party like Bharatiya Janata Party changing its ideology from the right to the centre or even left of the centre.  In fact, people do not even care for ideology; they want results and the Congress and others of the ilk must realise and carry on . 

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