Modi is larger than BJP, RSS

With this kind of a resounding win in the Lok Sabha elections,  Prime Minister Narendra Modi  has emerged as a leader who is larger than the BJP and the party’s ideological fountain head –  the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Not that it mattered too much, but  unlike in his first term , Modi does not have to bother whether  his decisions may or may not go well with the RSS. 
In effect, he can take any decision and get away with it – no questions asked. Not only he has devastated the Congress, Trinamool Congress and other  “supremos” ( not sure whether the epithet is relevant any more) he has delivered a message to RSS headquarters as well . The message is clear: It is Modi and Modi alone. 
What about the newly elected Members of Parliament !. Read this and you will know  how it worked: BJP candidate in Barmer in Rajasthan Kailash Choudhary polled  almost double the votes than   his rival Manvendra Singh of the Congress (and son of former BJP stalwart and estranged leader Jaswant Singh) . The only name to fame for Chaoudhary: He was a defeated BJP candidate in the December 2018 Assembly elections which resulted in unseating of Vasundhra Raje Scindia as the Chief Minister. More than party symbol, his route to a good victory against Manvendra Singh was he wore a Modi T-shirt. So, you bet , in many of the constituencies , voters would not have even known the names of the candidates ; but pressed the button in their favour in the name of Modi. 
  Modi is again in a commanding position and  second honey moon  period of his new government would last  for quite some time because it would take quite a while before the splintered  Opposition picks up the courage  again.  So , it is the best time to address some real issues afflicting the economy – the biggest being revival of private investment, boosting consumer confidence and ensuring full scale  hiring  picks up again. Also reaching out to farmers in distress would earn  him goodwill.  The larger than life image must work ; it should be now and now alone.         

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