Americans voting before Nov 3.Early voting allowed in US

Pic courtesy: Joe Biden Twitter a/c

US Presidential elections are scheduled for November 3,2020. Then how come, voters are rushing for casting their votes now? Because, early voting either through person or postal ballots are allowed in the US. In fact, this time around, early voting is quite popular. As the US is in the midst of coronavirus pandemic, postal ballot is also being preferred.

As on October 25, 59 million American voters have already cast their votes, of whom 40 million have done through postal mail, according to the US election project statistics.

Early voting – being allowed to cast votes before the scheduled data, is also permited in Finland and Canada. In Switzerland,the UK and Germany, postal ballots are allowed before the due date of voting.

Joe Biden, Democratic challenger to President Donald Trump and the Republican candidate, has been polling high levels of early voting, leading to a strong caution on the US Election Project website: ” Democrats’ unprecedented high levels of early voting should not be taken as an indicator of the final election results.

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