Kamala Harris, born to Indian mom is US VP candidate

pics courtesy: Harris Twitter profile

Kamala Harris, born to Indian origin mother and Jamaican origin father, is the candidate for the US Vice-President on a Democratic ticket, as a ”running mate” of the Presidential candidate Joe Biden.  They will be pitted against President Donald Trump and the Vice President Mike Pence , the Republican candidates in the November,2020 elections. 
No one can predict the outcome of an election; but given the drop in the Trump rating in the wake of his mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic, Joe Biden is gaining ground by the day. 
 Within the Democratic Party , Harris had lost the race for the Presidential candidate to Biden; but in the end the two are set to give a formidable fight to the Trump-Pence combine. 
  Harris,55,  was born in Oakland, California . After her parents’ divorce, Harris was raised by her Hindu mother Shyamala Gopalan Harris, along with sister Maya. Her mother worked as a cancer researcher and civil rights activist, according to BBC.       

It said , Harris spent four years at Howard University , one of America’s black colleges and universities.  

She is the third woman vice presidential candidate for a major political party, following Geraldine Ferraro as the Democratic vice presidential pick in 1984 and Sarah Palin as the Republican vice presidential pick in 2008, the BBC said.   

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