Modi, Xi meet for informal Summit at Mamallapuram  

pic: PIB

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping held their second informal Summit at Mamallapuram near  Chennai,  on  October 11-12, 2019 and discussed pending border and other key issues including removing imbalance in trade that has resulted in China exporting close to four times more  to India than its imports. 
The informal Summit included Xi’s spending quality time , being conducted by Modi, to Mamllapuram, earlier known as Mahabalipuram a coastal heritage city of Tamil Nadu. 
The  first Informal Summit between Modi and Xi took place in Wuhan, a historical city of China in April 2018., In  informal meetings, the leaders do not have a pre-determined set agenda and their meetings involve a lot of personal chemistry, feel of culture and heritage of each other.  
At Wuhan ,  India and China had agreed that the two nations are factors for stability in the current international landscape and that both side will prudently manage their differences not allowing them  to become disputes.

On trade, the two leaders at Chennai summit agreed on the importance of concluding negotiations for a mutually-beneficial and balanced Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. RCEP is a proposed trade-opening agreement among 16 countries , ASEAN , India, China, and Australia.   

The  two leaders agreed on establishment of sister-state relations between Tamil Nadu and Fujian Province, exploring the possibility of establishing an academy to study links between Mahabalipuram and Fujian province. This would be  on the lines of the experience between Ajanta and Dunhuang and conducting research on maritime links between China and India , according to a press release by Government of India 

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